Educational performance
in our region

Understanding where we are as a region

The educational performance of our students has a direct impact on their future and the future economy of El Paso. We must work together as a community to ensure all students have the ability to excel in school so they can thrive in a 21st Century workforce and El Paso can compete in the global economy.


Understanding where we are as a region and as individual schools helps ensure greater accountability and equity across the region. It helps educators identify gaps and take the necessary steps to create improvement. 

CREEED partners with the Hunt Institute for Global Competitiveness, which provides the educational performance data for our region. To learn more, click the below icon to visit their website.

Meeting Standards

CREEED believes every student can succeed if given the right tools and access to a high-quality education. For us, success doesn’t necessarily mean students need to excel in student performance . It means students should be meeting grade level standards that indicate they will be successful in the next grade. The state of Texas classifies that level as the “MEETS” state standards level. And that’s the level CREEED uses and recommends all schools and parents use as part of how we evaluate student performance.

CREEED uses 2019 performance data for comparison purposes since that was the last year of regular classes prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Up until 2019 our region’s student performance was increasing. Like many other regions, the pandemic reversed the trend and we are still getting back on track.

Historical Performance

Through 2019, El Paso students were increasing their educational performance. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic set student performance back by many years, and we are slowly making up for the loss. However, we need to accelerate our progress to get back on track. We believe El Paso can be a top student performance region instead of one of the lower-performing regions in Texas.

Reading/English II

Math/Algebra I

2022 Performance indicators

2022 A-F School Ratings Compared to Meeting State Average Performance

In 2022, El Paso County school A-F ratings didn’t take into account student achievement. CREEED believes that just like student grades are assigned, schools should be measured by student achievement as a key measure for grading school performance.

In El Paso County for 2022:

NOTE: The state eliminates the use of the lower metric between growth and student achievement when assigning a school’s A-F rating.

2022 Performance Gap Between Schools

2022 A-F School Ratings Compared to Meeting State Average Performance

Not all schools are created equal. CREEED believes all students should be able to learn at a high performing school. However, school performance equity gaps exist for many El Paso County students.

In El Paso County for 2022:

2022 STAAR Tests

While state STAAR tests are not the only measure of student growth and performance, they provide a good indication of where gaps exist in the system and schools and provide educators with the knowledge needed to make changes that improve instruction.

2022 Combined Reading & Math

2022 STAAR Tests - High School

2022 STAAR Tests - Grades 3 - 8 Schools

Educational Performance in Higher Education

For our region’s students and El Paso to compete in a 21st Century economy, a post-high school education is necessary. El Paso has a long way to go to meet the state’s 60% goal for the number of individuals having some level of post-secondary education by 2030. We need more El Paso County students to graduate with a post-secondary degree or certification.

Educational Performance Economic Impact

A post-secondary degree provides students with greater income potential in their careers and greater economic prosperity for El Paso. Opportunities exist for many students to have their college education paid for through federal, state, or institutional grants. Applying for college and seeking financial aid if needed is the first step.

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