Engaging the El Paso Community

Upcoming Events

Please see below for information on upcoming events and how to register for parent talks  & workshops, tours, community meetings, and much more!

Did You Know?


Speaking Opportunities

Educating the Community on the Importance of Increased Student Performance

CREEED is building connections to highlight educational opportunities and challenges. Through community presentations, we help showcase the importance of working together to increase student performance.  As a region, having a higher quality education system is critical to achieving our common goal of creating a stronger economic workforce.

CREEED is available to present region-specific data, share upcoming events, and find ways for parents and community members to get involved in the region’s educational outcomes. If you need an education expert, CREEED is here to help.

If you’re interested in working with CREEED, or having CREEED speak at one of your events, send us a message!

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