education grants

CREEED provides grants to support innovative efforts that help increase educational attainment, influence system wide change, and ensure ongoing success for El Paso students.

How to Apply

Step One: Prepare Documentation

All applicants should be prepared to provide the items included in the list below.

  1. A brief description of the group or organization that is applying and, if different than the requestor, that will lead the proposed project, including any past record of successful education outcomes.
  2. Brief bios of the applicant’s senior staff members and Board of Directors.
  3. A detailed budget request and budget narrative with the specific amount requested along with a breakdown of expenses, and if applicable, a payment structure for grant funds.
  4. Date of deadline for receipt of funds, which is subject to CREEED’s funding requirements.
  5. Detailed description of the project, including goals, metrics, and geographic scope.
  6. Project timeline.
  7. Current operating budget (if applicable) and proposed project budget.
  8. List of current and pending funding sources, including source and amounts. 
  9. Amount of total Board of Directors contributions for the past 24 months, and percentage of Board members who have contributed to the organization.
  10. Letter of determination reflecting IRS tax-exempt status dated no more than five years from the grant application date. 
  11. Answers to the questions presented in the CREEED Grant Evaluation Guidelines.

Step Two: Email Grant Request

Grant requests may be sent to CREEED via email with a detailed explanation of how your funding request matches our Grant Guidelines.

Questions? Contact us for additional information.

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