CREEED believes that engaging families and community partners in local school systems and decision-making can improve outcomes for all students.



Parent Talks

Attend our Parent Talks to connect with other parents and become part of a support system.

With different topics for each Parent Talk, parents have the ability to discuss with other parents what they are seeing at their child’s school, what is working, and where they feel they need help changing what is not working. Through in-depth bilingual conversations, our Parent Talks identify opportunities for working together and areas of opportunity or concern within the school system or individual schools. Topics include afterschool programs, counseling, mental health support, how to become an advocate for your child, and financial literacy.

Parent Workshops

Learn how to navigate and uncover more opportunities that can help students

Through partnerships with educational and community organizations from across the region, our Parent Workshops provide information and guidance on a variety of topics that help parents navigate the school system and support opportunities available for students.   These bilingual workshops are a valuable resource for providing parents with information that can help their children achieve greater results in school.

Interested in attending an in-person or virtual parent talk or parent workshop?

Parent Leadership Fellowship

Our parent leadership development program helps parents and guardians understand the El Paso education system, dissect the latest performance data for schools, and identify how they can engage with their campuses and school boards on important issues. The fellowship occurs several times throughout the year and is for engaged parents who want to work together to create a better learning experience for all students.

Did You Know?


Parent Resources

We understand parents need data and information to fully engage in their child’s education, and we’re creating resources to help them do just that. Our parent resources range from data on your child’s school to questions you should be asking your school board members and a directory to find out who sits on your school board and how often they meet.

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