Questions you Should be Asking Your School Leaders

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Parents are the best advocates for their child’s education, and the best way to become informed is by asking the right questions. As a region, we have a lot to make up for the learning gaps caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. CREEED urges parents and community members to join us in asking education leaders what they are doing to reverse the effects of the pandemic on student learning and get all students back on track to college. 

We also ask you to support and acknowledge successful programs that are being implemented. The following questions will help parents, guardians, and community members have meaningful discussions with principals, superintendents, and school board members about their COVID-recovery plans:

5 Questions to Ask School Leaders About COVID-Recovery Plans

  1. We know students missed many hours of instructional time during the COVID-19 pandemic. What changes are you making to ensure students make up for some of that lost instructional time?
  2. What data are you using to measure how student learning has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and what metrics and goals are you using to measure whether students are recovering from the COVID gap?
  3. We know that school districts in the region are receiving millions of dollars through the CARES Act to mitigate the impact COVID-19 had on El Paso students. How is our district and school planning to use this funding? How much of it is going directly to help student learning?
  4. What additional support are you providing students that have been challenged academically during the pandemic to ensure that they not only catch up, but also have the preparation they need to succeed in college?
  5. How can parents and community members track the implementation and progress of your COVID-recovery plans and their impact? Can you commit to regularly communicating your progress with the El Paso community?


Additionally, The Education Trust, a national education organization, also provides a resource with questions you can ask your school leaders regarding how they are spending the American Rescue Plan funds. Click here for additional information.


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