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CREEED provides $450,000 grant to Canutillo ISD to provide additional Algebra and English support

We are proud to announce a $450,000 grant to Canutillo Independent School District as part of a combined effort to improve student outcomes in both Algebra and English I programs. The grant provides funding for 8th-grade students to receive the instruction needed to master both of these key subjects by increasing the amount of time students spend learning Algebra and English I, and allowing for small-group instruction for students who require additional support in these subjects. 

The funding specifically targets the 23-24 class of 8th graders who were in 5th grade at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the 5th grade, students start learning complex math, reading, and analytical skills, making it an especially important year of educational development and academic progress that was disrupted for this group of students. CREEED and Canutillo ISD aim to close potential learning gaps and set students up for further success through this partnership.  

“We are deeply grateful to CREEED for their unwavering commitment to education and our students. This grant allows us to accommodate the needs of students most impacted by the pandemic and achieve our goal of having Canutillo ISD students reach College Career and/or Military Readiness upon graduating from our high schools,” said Superintendent Dr. Pedro Galaviz

“By providing additional support and time for students to focus on these critical subjects, we are ensuring they go into high school with the foundational knowledge they need to succeed,” said CREEED Board Chair Richard A. Castro. “After all, our goal is to ensure all students in El Paso are college-ready by the time they graduate high school, and one way to deliver on this promise is by ensuring students can successfully complete Algebra 1 and English 1 by the time they finish middle school.”

This funding is also a part of CREEED’s AIM High (Algebra In Middle School) initiative. 

CREEED provided grants for $75,000 in 2019 and $150,000 in 2020 to increase access to Algebra I programs in Canutillo ISD. This grant continues these efforts and brings our total support of Canutillo ISD to $675,000. The objective is to establish the 8th grade completion of these two critical subjects, fundamental to graduating high school college ready. Canutillo ISD is affirming that this objective can be achieved.

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